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Become a Representative

Do you own your own business or retail store? Are you looking for the most LOVED gymnastics apparel to complete your storefront or online e-commerce website? Our new DEALER program is now available to qualified applicants!

About the Program?

  • Dealers will receive a discounted WHOLESALE RATE on all k-Bee Merchandise (rate TBD after approval)
  • Early purchase of NEW styles is available upon request
  • Sale leotards (no longer online) are available (see notes on Dealer Form)
  • k-Bee will provide Logo/Artwork and necessary marketing collateral (free of charge)

Do you qualify?

  • Experience/Knowledge in the sport, gymnastics
  • Completed Application
  • Brief Phone Interview
  • Resale License (recommended)
  • Tax exempt (not required, but offered)

What are the Rules?

  • ALL merchandise must be purchased up-front (Invoice & Billing discussed after application is approved)
  • Your first order must meet a minimum of $300.00
  • Dealers have 6 months after purchase to return any garments for Refund (i.e. unsold)
  • Dealers are responsible for ALL Lost/Stolen items

Where can you sell?

  • Online Sales: All dealers are required to provide their website information.
  • E-commerce: All dealers are required to provide a list of websites they will sell k-Bee garments
  • In store: All dealers are required to provide their storefront address.
  • Meets/Competitions: All dealers are required to inform k-Bee of any competitions they plan to sell k-Bee Leotards.
    • Meet Fees: All dealers are responsible for their own meet dues.
    • See Meet Requirements section (see notes on Dealer Form)

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  • k-Bee Leotards reserves the right to sell and advertise online in ALL newsletters, social media, websites and third-party sellers at any time.
  • k-Bee Leotards may reject, remove or cancel any graphics, logo, garment photos from dealer marketing collateral. Dealer is required to have full respect to k-Bee Leotards branding, positioning and marketing.
  • k-Bee Leotards may terminate dealer agreement if necessary. Termination would cancel the dealer agreement and terminate dealer standing as representative. If termination occurs, dealer is in charge of all leotard costs, payment and dues. NO REFUNDS will be given if termination is applied to dealer.