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Have you heard the k-Bee STORY?

1998.. Carole Eckles (owner) was a stay at home mom, while Tim Eckles (owner) worked to provide for a family of five.

It was difficult to find CUTE, AFFORDABLE leotards for their THREE daughters.

Carole was taught to sew by her mother when she was a young girl, so she decided to make her daughters their own leotards. While attending Kips Gymnastics, Corona CA the girls were approached by parents and fellow teammates about their new leotards.  Soon… Carole was asked to make custom designs for other gymnasts.

What does k-Bee STAND for?

Katie, Brooke and Emmy are the THREE daughters of Tim and Carole and their last name is Eckles. The first letter of EACH daughter’s name, as well as the first letter of their last name,  'ECKLES' make k-Bee!

How do you develop your DESIGNS?

The k-Bee team may all have individual titles yes… but when it comes to design we ALL pitch in. We could have a monthly meeting on new fabrics, or it could be a quick, “HEY do you like this!” Depending on the complexity, we can have new designs in as little as 1 hour!

Day-to-day at k-Bee?

Located in Norco, CA k-Bee Leotards runs 24/7 operations, 25+ employees and has over 70 years of Gymnastics Retail Expertise all under 1 roof!

 k-Bee is proud to be World’s TOP gymnastics apparel company as they continue to fulfill customers needs in the gymnastics industry.

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