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  • QUALITY leotards in your pro-shop
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  • We do all the work! yes.. all of it!

NEW!!! Tiered Pricing Structure

  • You SELECT which tier of leotards you feel would best sell in your pro-shop.
  • Based on your selection we send out every box with fun, affordable leotard prints and guarantee that 25% of every box includes products from our new release selection.
  • You can choose your preferred size range, and your preferred style (camisoles or tank leotards).
  • You will receive a new box every 2 months.
  • Unsold items must be returned to us within 10 days after receiving your next box along with payment for sold items or authorization to charge your Credit Card on file. Quantity of items shipped in each box will depend on credit approval (average box size is 40 items). All leotards will ship with a free matching hair scrunchie.

Value Matters

  • Here at k-Bee Leotards we know that VALUE Matters. As one of our loyal customers we want you to feel you are receiving the highest quality leotards at an affordable wholesale rate.
  • In order to ensure value we send our leotards WITHOUT prices on the tags. This allows you to be in charge of pricing out your inventory! Thus, your are solely in control of your PROFIT!

Customer Service

  • Our team of customer services representatives is here to assist you with your personalized box of leotards.
  • Are you looking for faster shipments? Every 6 weeks, no problem!
  • You can call us ANYTIME to make changes to your Consignment Account

Guaranteed NEW Items

  • k-Bee guarantees 25% of EVERY shipment will include products from our NEW release section.
  • We design new leotards EVERY week!
  • Our PRINTS are one-of-a-kind. Our STYLES are made with highest quality manufacturing.

Shipping & Handling

  • Our Consignment Department will take care of ALL Shipping Labels!
  • We now off FREE SHIPPING on your returned box if you sell $500.00 or more!
  • Inside EVERY new box will be a prepaid UPS label.
  • You are more than welcome to use this label to send us back all unsold items.
  • Shipping costs vary by location, however we do our very best to keep this cost as low as possible.
  1. Proof of Business Required: Your application must be submitted with proof that the entity is trading as a business within the gymnastic/dance apparel industry. Suitable documentation includes a copy of your Resale Certificate, Business License or a voided business check.
  2. You must have a pro shop within an athletic facility or a free-standing retail store in the gymnastics/dance apparel industry to sell the products.

If you have any further questions, please don't hesitate to ask. We look forward to doing business with you.

How to Apply
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  2. Fill out our Online Application form.