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What ROCK Gymnastics Leotard best suits you?

Girls Rock Header

1.What’s your “go to” dance move during gymnastics?

A.) The Robot
B.) Air Guitar
C.) Running man
D.) Disco moves

2. What female rock star would you love to meet?
A.) Hayley Williams (Paramore)
B.) Madonna
C.) P!ink
D.) Joan Jett (Joan Jett & The Blackhearts

3. How long is your hair?
A.) Super Long
B.) Shoulder length short
C.) Neck length
D.) Mid back length

4. After gymnastics what instrument would you love to play?
A.) Piano
B.) Drums
C.) Guitar
D.) Lead singer

5. You just finished a great competition.. what do you do after?
A.) Back Tuck off the podium
B.) Smile proud and go back to gym to practice more
C.) Ask your coaches if you can move up a level
D.) Go to dinner with your family

6. You are about to perform a new level in gymnastics. How do you feel?
A.) Sick to your stomach
B.) Confident
C.) Energetic, you were made for this!

7. You're at your last practice before competition. Where are you and what are you doing?
A.) In the foam pit!
B.) On the floor, practicing your tumbling passes
C.) On the beam working on your dismount
D.) Stretching, you are taking it easy before the big day tomorrow

8. What is your go to gymnastics outfit?
A.) Your oldest, but most comfortable leotard
B.) Sports Bra and workout shorts
C.) Your newest leotard
D.) First thing you grab from your closet

9. Favorite dinner after gymnastics?
A.) Pizza
B.) Burgers and fries
C.) Lots of greens and protein shakes
D.) Spaghetti

10. What type of competition do you perform your best?
A.) State Competition, your biggest event of the year
B.) Smaller competitions, the less people, the better
C.) Anywhere, you just love to compete!
D.) Competition is not your favorite, but you love practice

All Done! Now add up your totals! Which letter do you have most of?

Mostly A): You are most like Bob Marley!
You have a broad outlook on life that allows you to see the big picture. You have a caring personality and love to focus on your dreams
Mostly B):The Beatles
You have great compassion and love helping others. You are outspoken and have a rebellious personality. You bring your deepest emotions and intensity into every situation. And you never compromise who you are!
Mostly C):Guns n’ Roses
You are creative and confident. You love to show off your talents and love the spotlight! You do best under pressure and at your biggest competitions!
Mostly D):The Rolling Stones
You have an upbeat and inspiring personality that allows you to make friends easily and attract people to you.

Congrats! Always remember you ROCK!