Photo by jamesjordan

Your love of green reflects your love of nature. You like life to be simple, and never worry too much about small things.

You're a calming influence on those around you. You're easy to get along with, traditional and trustworthy, and pay attention to the task at hand.

People love that you're level-headed and are able to see things from all points of view.

Your attention to detail and ability to focus means that the place for you is the balance beam.

Photo by wheatfields

It's no wonder that people associate green with relaxing. After all, it's the color that surrounds you when you lie on the grass in the sunshine, taking some time out from the chaos of everyday life.

Green is second only to blue in favorite colors – maybe people need to relax more than they realize? But the color green isn't all trees and meadows. It's that bright shade of green in a rainbow, or that pastel green inside a ripe melon.

k-Bee Leotards has a variety of green gymnastics leotard designs – some leotards in shades of forest green, other gymnastics leotards in vibrant, exciting lime green.

You'll look so fabulous in your leotard for gymnastics that you'll make everyone green with envy!