Photo by cobalt

Aqua lovers are a great mix of light-hearted and strong.

You're a clear thinker who is great at making decisions. People value you for your perception and intuition.

You're self-sufficient, someone who loves the company of others but is also happy to take time out every now and then. People are drawn to your creativity and your compassionate nature, and find you refreshing to be around.

You're ideal for the uneven bars – you're not afraid to take risks, but you pay close attention to what's going on around you.

Photo by neilbetter

Aqua. So close to blue, but yet so far from it. It has a clarity and lightness that blue doesn't have, but it has all its calming qualities.

Aqua is the color of tropical seas, where you can float lazily without another soul around, and see straight to the bottom. It evokes femininity, and is the ultimate compromise between blue and green.

An aqua leotard for gymnastics is the ideal choice for someone who loves blue, but wants something brighter that will stand out more. It's an unusual shade for gymnastics leotards, but k-Bee Leotards realized a long time ago how pretty aqua gymnastics leotards are, and we want you to fall in love with it too!